16 weeks and 5 days.

This week has brought a little bit more of a bulge to my tummy, but not too much. I’m actually excited to grow so then I don’t look so awkward lol. I am slightly dreading the hands that will try to touch me though. Is anyone else like that? I absolutely hate when my stomach is touched regardless of being pregnant. I’ve never really liked being touched, obviously hugs from people are fine but I do not like when people are super hands on. I like to think of myself as being like a cat when it comes to being touched, haha.

Anyways, I know that this trimester is going to bring some possible growing pains that will accompany my growing belly, and I’m not sure if I’m already experiencing that or not. I woke up today with my lower back being pretty sore. I could have slept wrong, but the pain is just annoying. I actually don’t have a good back to begin with, as I’ve hurt it multiple times in my life and have actually thrown my back out like two or three times. The pain is unbearable so I’m hoping with rest today that I’ll be fine tomorrow especially if I avoid any lifting.

Besides that, I feel like I’m doing a lot better this week with having a better appetite and less nausea. I have been having headaches occasionally and sometimes a dull nauseous feeling towards the end of my day but it’s not too terrible. I still struggle with the acne but it seems to be settling down some on my face. I always imagined that when you’re pregnant you become drastically more emotional. I guess it’s because that’s how it is in movies, but I don’t feel that way. I mean I have noticed about one day a week I’ll be pretty emo and feel super sad about things and I won’t want to go to work or talk to anyone so I’m always afraid I’m going to enter into a depressive state but I seem to get myself out of it. Also, there have been things going on to put me in a sad mood so it’s not like I’m just getting sad for no reason.

In diabetes land, I feel like my insulin needs are pretty much the same when it comes to my long lasting insulin. I have noticed my lunch and dinner insulin needs will probably need to change soon. I’m trying to figure this out through trial and error but most of the time I am in range. I will have an occasional high after lunches so I think I need to increase my lunch dose for sure.

Anyways, I’m hoping on my next update I’ll be sharing the sex of the baby! It’ll also be my mom’s birthday the day I’ll be finding out and the week of Thanksgiving. Who else can’t wait for stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy?? And in my case, some birthday cake đŸ˜‰

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