14 weeks and 5 days.


I am so happy to be past the first trimester. I am a lot more relaxed in terms of miscarriage and what not. I do know things can still go wrong (can you tell i’m more of a negative thinker than a positive one? lol) but I am hopeful that I will have a healthy baby.

Symptoms: TONS of acne. Like, I could cry about it. My back and chest and my face. And the ones on my face are more like cysts than regular ol pimples. They just pop up every other day, and they hurt bad and they never really turn into a pimple so it’s just a big bump on my face that lasts for a week or longer. Sorry if that’s TMI but it’s real life and it sucks. Also, I still get nausea. I thought it went away but it’ll come to haunt me every other day or so. It’s not as terrible as before but it’s still crappy to feel crappy, ya know? I’m getting my appetite back which means I’ve incorporated more greens back into my diet which I am so happy about. I’m still eating my regular choice of fruits, apples and little cutie oranges. I still don’t cook that much. I just never really feel like making anything. I’m usually hungry right when I get home and I’m too tired to cook. Ugh, I never thought i’d say that but it’s true! I hope I get my groove back sometime soon because I miss wanting to cook.

Diabetes: My numbers have stopped being crazy! With some insulin adjustments and figuring out how my body is absorbing the insulin and food, I have come to what seems like an end to all those highs and lows. I have reduced my bed time insulin quite a bit and I take my insulin right before I’m about to eat. Doesn’t matter what I’m going to eat, but I no longer pre-bolus for meals. I kept running into the issue of becoming low before my meal or during my meal. Since I have also got my appetite back, my carb heavy dinners are no longer occurring! In turn this has resolved my highs hours after eating. I’m sure my body will end up changing things on me again soon but for right now, things are looking good and it’s making me very happy.

In other news, I have not gained any weight. I think I mentioned I gained two pounds at the last visit but I have since lost it. The doctor I recently saw told me not to worry about weight gain since baby is growing just fine. The recommended weight gain for me is about 25 pounds, which I am very comfortable with. I never really planned on gaining more than 30, I mean I guess no woman really plans on gaining a bunch of weight lol. I just think it’s easier since I am a type one diabetic and I have some strict rules to follow while pregnant. You definitely won’t see me pigging out at every meal and using pregnancy as an excuse lol. As of late, I am very happy with everything. I love my boyfriend and we are so excited to be on this journey together. He’s seriously going to be the best dad ever and I cannot wait!

Well, cheers to the second trimester and I’ll be back in a week for another update 🙂

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