13 weeks and 2 days.

I had a dream last night that I had a daughter and I didn’t have enough clothes for her so I was going to a bunch of stores to find warm clothes because her toes were cold. The dream went on, but once I woke up I wanted my baby so bad. It’s such a crazy weird feeling. All day I’ve just missed my baby and wanted to hold her even though my baby obviously hasn’t arrived yet. As I’m laying in bed I’m still wishing I could hold her. So so weird. Also, by the end of my dream my baby turned into a boy lol. So now my whole focusing on having a boy thing has kinda gone out the window and now I’m thinking, “omg what if I really do end up having a girl?!” That would be cray.

I actually don’t care what the sex of my baby will end up being. I’ve just always thought there would be no way I’d end up with a girl. Can’t wait until we finally find out though! I feel like I can’t plan anything (clothes, nursery, baby shower, etc) until I find out. So I’m just stuck, looking at things online wondering what I’ll end up choosing.

Anyways, the beginning of week 13 has brought my fatigue and a lot more bloating. I was never that exhausted during the day up until now for some reason. I’d go to bed super early but I wouldn’t be as tired during the day. Now, I’m tired during the day and stay up a bit later at night. Interesting. I’ve been eating a bit more greens. Salads have been sounding pretty good to me which makes me happy so I’m trying to eat more of them. I’m still really indecisive when it comes to dinners and I still eat out a lot but I’m trying to make better choices when I do.

For diabetes, it’s still a work in progress. Last night my dexcom never woke me up which means no highs and no lows! Thank you dexgod. Just kidding. But that made for a good nights rest. I’m hoping I can have another night of that. I won’t have my next appointment for another week so hopefully I can keep things a bit more steady until then!

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