12 weeks and 5 days.

Just got done with my prenatal ultrasound! I was so nervous about it and after the results of it all, everything is normal and I’m low risk for Down syndrome and trisomy 18. Very good news to hear! Now that that’s out of the way, I can focus on figuring out how to manage my diabetes. My numbers have been all over the place lately and now when I give insulin for my meals, it’s not working. As in, I think the food is digesting so slow that my insulin ends up making me low after I eat and then I shoot sky high a few hours later. I tried giving half my amount when I eat and half a few hours later but it’s not working. Because I saw the nurse today she grabbed my doctor and was able to get me an appointment with someone this afternoon to go over everything and I am so happy! I’m tired of feeling like shit about my diabetes and how it’s affecting my baby. It’s such a scary thought that I could be ruining the development somehow. So although my appointment went good today, I’m not out of the woods yet! I probably won’t be until I give birth actually lol. But until then, here are some cute pics from the ultrasound!

This is a picture of little one “waving” to us 😂. So cute!

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