I really didn’t think I’d get emotional during pregnancy. Is that weird of me to think that? But anyways, here I am, having a really bad day and crying over literally everything. What sucks is that I cried mostly at work. Embarrassing, right? Luckily my coworkers are like family to me so I know they don’t think I’m some weirdo crying over everything. Or maybe they do, whatevs.

Even after leaving work today I just cried on my way home. Then I stopped, but then even writing this post gets me emotional. I had a pretty shit day at work, not gunna lie. But I won’t go into those details on here. Then I also think to myself, am I overreacting to everything? Is it really an issue or am I making it an issue? Ugh, my brain doing its normal over thinking.

I’m in this state of feeling like nobody understands me. Everyone feels bad for me but I don’t want them to feel bad for me. I want someone else to understand me and my feelings. Also, only two people at work know that I’m pregnant besides my supervisors. So I’m hoping those two coworkers understand me, I think they do at least.

This post is mainly just me releasing some more of that sadness that’s inside of me. My boyfriend doesn’t quite get it when I tell him what’s bothering me. I wouldn’t expect people who didn’t work at an animal rescue to understand what it is I’m going through anyways I suppose.

Anyways, I am 9 weeks and 6 days today. Every time I mention to my boyfriend how far along I am he tells me, “that’s exactly how far along you were last week!” (But obviously a week behind). Such an asshole. But it makes me laugh.

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