6 Weeks and 5 Days.

I had my official prenatal appointment today! I went over a lot of information with my doctor. My due date is April 27, 2018! I have always wanted my baby to born in the spring since it’s my favorite season. It was my first time meeting my doctor today (I’ve seen so many doctors throughout this entire process) and she was so nice! Because I am diabetic though, I will be dealing with a different group of doctors more often just because of insulin changes/diet, etc.

Within this past week I have started to encounter nausea. Ugh, nausea nausea nausea *cue the Brady Bunch voices. It is so annoying. It’s like having a dull ache all day long but instead of an ache, its nausea. No vomiting occurs and nothing quite makes me feel better either. One second I’ll think a certain food sounds good and then before I know it, it sounds disgusting and repulsive. Tonight for example, I made a vegan stew but right before it was about to finish, I started thinking about how good tuna on top of a nice green leafy salad tasted and I immediately regretted my stew decision. I still ate it of course, only because I didn’t have any lettuce otherwise I probably would have made some tuna and ate that instead! I’m pretty iffy with vegetables, too. I used to love vegetables, more so than fruits but lately fruits always sound good to me and vegetables are…eh. I’m really hoping to get this nausea thing over with some time soon.

Another issue I’m having to deal with is my work. I work at an animal rescue, and there are dog shifts and there are cat shifts. When I first started I was put on cats. I worked it for so long that those are the shifts I feel I do my best on. I know everything that has to be done and I seem to think I do it pretty well. Recently, I have been working dog shifts 3/5 days and it makes me miss the cats so much! BUT today my doctor told me that I should probably switch to dogs only because of toxoplasmosis. The doctor I saw last week for my first ultrasound told me since I have been working with them for over a year, that I would probably be fine working with cats and to just wear gloves and wash my hands a lot. I was excited to hear that, but this doctor says differently. I am still going to get tested to see if I have already been exposed (as I am sure I have been). Trust me, I LOVE dogs and I love working with them but ever since I started working at the rescue, the cats just have a special place in my heart. Is that too lame to say for the world to see? Eh, don’t care 🙂 Anyways, my point to this whole thing is that I’ll probably have to let my supervisors know that I am pregnant to make sure I get scheduled on dogs more often. I wanted to wait to tell them until I made it past my first trimester, so I am hoping they can keep a secret and not blow it for me because that would make me really upset. Especially since I haven’t even told my family yet!

Speaking of family, I plan on telling mine next week. I think that will be a good time. My parents have been dealing with a lot of family stuff lately and I don’t want to tell them to make them more stressed out for whatever reason. Even though I know for a fact they’d be so excited and the news would probably make them really happy despite everything that’s going on. I don’t see my brother often but I want to make sure I tell him in person also because texting would be lame. And with friends, they’ll find out through social media, except for my close friends of course. Im excited and I can’t wait to announce to everyone my big news and I hope everyone feels the same!

Until next time,



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